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What are you going to do with your students who are four and five years old? Union Gospel Press has a variety of publications from which to choose to keep students alert. The pictures to color in Boys and Girls' Album will keep your energy-filled beginners busy, and Our Bible Picture Talks provide them with colorful pictures and stories as a weekly take-home reminder of the lesson.

Beginner - Ages 4 & 5

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Beginner Bible Teacher

Beginner Bible TeacherBEGINNER BIBLE TEACHER is an indispensable teaching guide containing invaluable aids and material for the teacher of children ages 4 and 5. The Bible lesson for each week is written in easily understood language and is supplemented with worship and song suggestions, handwork and classroom activity ideas, prayers especially for the children, and stories that present Bible lesson applications. BEGINNER BIBLE TEACHER helps the Sunday school teacher present a lively, attention-holding lesson each week. (Forty-eight pages, published quarterly.)
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Me Too

Me TooME TOO is the quarterly specifically designed for the beginner to hold and to handle. Every Sunday's lesson is told in simple, clear language that makes the Bible truths vivid to the child. Each issue also contains a weekly picture to color, an attendance chart, a song, a poem, a story, and a section especially for the beginner's parents. (Thirty-two pages, published quarterly.)
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My Paper Take-home paper

My Paper , a colorful, illustrated take-home paper, is an exciting supplement to every beginner's Sunday school lesson. Lively stories teach children the ideals of the Christian life in simple, easy-to-understand language. A picture to color and a Bible verse to learn also are included in each issue of MY PAPER. One four-page part for each Sunday in the quarter, published quarterly.

Our Bible Picture Talks

Our Bible Picture TalksOur Bible Picture Talks are 3x4 inch cards that supplement the quarter's lessons; the back of each card has the message of the Bible lesson for the week. Our Bible Picture Talks cards may be used with the Boys and Girls' Album quarterly. Children not only will be excited to take home each week's card, but they also will remember the lesson longer. (One card for each Sunday in the quarter, published quarterly.)

Boys and Girls' Album

Boys and Girls' AlbumBoys and Girls' Album is a booklet in which children can paste Our Bible Picture Talks cards each week. This workbook also contains each week's Scripture lesson in language geared to young children, stories that hold their interest, pictures to color, and poems. This supplement to the regular class book will help children recall the Sunday school lesson throughout the week. (Thirty-two pages, published quarterly.)
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Bible Adventures to Color for Kids

Bible Adventures to ColorThe Union Gospel Press Children’s Coloring Book offers 40 ready-to-color pictures for children ages 4 through 11. This is a fun way for our children to learn about Jesus and to practice eye-hand coordination. (44 pages, not a quarterly publication.)
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Children's Coloring Book No. 2-Noah's Ark

NoahThis lively, 44-page book features 40 pictures-to-color about Noah and the ark that children ages 4 through 11 can enjoy. Every picture is explained in easy-to-understand language, including relevant Scripture verses (44 pages, not a quarterly publication.)
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Bible Adventures to Color-Life of David

Life of David Coloring BookThis coloring book will help children discover Bible truths in the exciting life of David. It offers 40 pictures-to-color that children ages 4 through 11 will love (44 pages, not a quarterly publication.)
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The Story of Christmas Coloring Book

Story of Christmas Coloring BookThe miraculous birth of the Saviour is one of the most important stories of the Bible, and children will enjoy coloring the dynamic images portraying this supernatural occasion. This coloring book features 40 pictures-to-color and will help them learn about the beginning of God’s wonderful plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. (44 pages, not a quarterly publication.)
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